Chapter 3 of the "Paused" Series  (3/3)

Story/Animation by ThreePanelCrimes x Juan Richard Feliz

ThreePanelCrimes is a Los Angeles based artists known for Narrative Crypto Art. He tells stories in Three Panels, and each triptych tells a new crime story in short loops. 


Chapter 6 "Patience"  (6/6)
What Is This, A Joke?

by Brett Prendergast

Brett is a 20-year old 3D Artist creating powerful, visceral, often trippy, animation work that immerses the audience into his world. 
"Sorting" is the second episode of a 6 part series.  


 Chapter 6 - Somerton Man (6/6)

The Final Chapter in the Somerton Man Series

Somerton Man's story became a mystery. But he was not a mystery to himself.

Based on a true story… as true as it can be.

Written by Lion Young & Tim Fry
Music by Josh Moult & Lion Young
Voice Artist - Jonathan Pollock


 Chapter 6 - The Life Of P (6 Unique Animated Scenes)

DescriptionCrossroad. Which road should you choose? Who and what to take with you? Going into which elevator and with whom, will you make the right decision?
No one knows.
The difference is always whether you make your choice yourself or under the pressure of circumstances around.
It’s difficult. Sometimes it's scary. Madly. But very important.

Story/Animation by Subwway 

 Chapter 6 - Pepe Through Time (6/6)
by Camo B Art

Camo B Art  is an Artist, specializing in digital 3D Characters and environments. BA degree in film arts; screenwriting and 3D animation.

Note from Reggie: I really wanted a Pepe animator, and was thrilled when Camo agreed! He is likely the least known artist of The Sundays animtors, but I love his animations, am a proud collector of his work, and I think he's going to surprise & delight all of you! 


 Chapter 6 - Rationalizing (6/6)

by Ryan Anderson

Ryan is a comedian/animator/filmmaker. His work often depicts nostalgic scenes in his unique style, but Ryan also explores the zanier side with his goober series, as well as horror and suspense.