Q: What is The Sundays?

A: The Sundays is a weekly mintable series of animations, dropped every Sunday! Imagine a kind of mini version of Love+Death+Robots with collecting, raffles, & crypto mechanics, all built for Web3.

Q: How Long Is Season One?

A: 12 Weeks

Q: When Does Season One Begin?

A: Episodes begin in April 16, 2023

Q: When Season One Ends, will there be a Season 2?

A: Thats the plan! Artists are already coming together for Season 2.

Q: Wen Season One NFT?

A: Season One Passes Are LIVE until The Season Begins. Links are in our discord. Do not trust any other links.

Q: What Are The Season One NFTs?

A: There are two season one NFTs 1. Patron NFT - 100 Supply 2. Founder NFT - 900 Supply

Q: What is the Patron Pass?

A: The Patron Pass is for the collector that wants to just Sundays and Chill and support the art.

  • Receive Airdropped Limited Editions from all of our incredible cover artists (12 Limited Editions, no branding or episodic information, cap supply 100-110 or whatever MINT ends at before Season One Begins - For example: if we only sell 30 Passes, then edition sizes will be 30-40 max supply).
  • Receive Airdrops of ALL animations during the season. (~72 Animations)
  • Access to raffles/additional pieces.
  • Surprise Bonus Drops

Q: What is the Founder Pass?

A: The Founder Pass is for the collectors that wants to spend less but participate more.

  • Mint each cover art (12 Cover’s with branding and episodic information)
  • Mint each animation episode (small cost, only for founders, not available for public minting. Hint: Supporting artists has it's "rewards")
  • AL for limited edition drops throughout the season

Q: Who are the animators for Season One?


  • @LionYoungArt
  • @Ryxnole
  • @camobart
  • @theharveydean
  • @subwwaym
  • @3panelcrimes
  • @brett_pren
  • @the_Mess
  • @sigmaX
  • @pipouz01
  • @ande_erik
  • @ItsRyanAnderson

Q: Is there more information about the animations?

A: Each Sunday will be a surprise and animation is artists choice. This means that each episode will vary in genre, animation length, animation style, etc. Some animators will tell stories in 6 parts, others may tell 6 stories, and some animation may be more abstract.

Q: Who are the Cover Artists for Season One?


  • @sergeposters
  • @ozbren_xyz
  • @Suryanto_sur234
  • @MarcoBonafe_nft
  • @EfdotStudio
  • @deltasauce
  • @postwook
  • @flomeissner
  • @juice_bruns
  • @BlankEmbrace
  • @tormius
  • @Oveck

Q: What is Cover Art?

A: Cover art is simply an edition from one of our 12 amazing Cover Artists. Cover art will have Sundays branding on it, as well as episode details, but we will do our best to blend the branding into the piece so as to celebrate the art and artist as much as possible. Cover Art will be minted on The Sundays contract.

Q: Do Patron NFT holders get the Cover Art?

A: No. Patron NFT holders get the Cover art, without any of the branding. An actual edition by the artists on the artists contract.

Q: What time will episodes drop?

A: We will announce drop times soon. They will drop on Sundays, likely morning PST or EST.
Season One NFT Mint and Related FAQ

Q: What are the main difference between the Founders NFT and the Patron NFT?

  1. Cost: Founder NFT 0.169 ETH vs. Patron NFT 1.69 ETH
  2. Cover Art: - Founder NFT holders can mint cover art. This is an edition from our cover artists with The Sundays logo and episode details on it. - Patron NFT holders receive airdrops of the same edition, except there is no Sundays logo or episode details.
  3. Minting Contracts: - Founder NFT holders will be able to mint cover art on The Sundays contract. - Patron NFT holders receive edition airdrops on the artist’s contracts.
  4. Additional Costs: - Founder NFT holders pay for gas for all transactions (plus additional fees if they choose to buy animations). - Patron NFT holders are airdropped EVERYTHING!
  5. Bonus: - Patron NFTs will have at least one bonus surprise that will be included in the cost of their NFT. - Founder NFT holders will have access to bonus pieces for additional fees and AL spots will generally be raffled off.
  6. Prizes: Patron NFT holders will be able to sign up for raffles, but Founder NFT holders that become top collectors may have higher chances of winning.
  7. Burning: Founder NFT holders will likely be able to burn later in the season for additional bonuses.

Q: Will there be perks to having both passes?

A: Not at this time. The two NFTs are really our attempt to try to build an amazing community without limiting our community to only those with large amounts of ETH. We really wanted to make The Sundays as affordable as possible and so we hope that our bifurcated NFT structure works well.

Q: Will the treasury be holding/minting Season One NFTs?

A: The treasury will hold 5-7 Patron NFTs and 25 Founder NFTs for giveaways, raffles, and rewarding early contributors and those that were really helpful in putting The Sundays together.

Q: What happens if The Sundays is not minted out? 

A: Nothing changes. We will deliver what we promised. The only thing that changes is that limited editions will become that much more limited. Spoils will go to our early supporters!