Episode 8
Cover Art "Guardian Of The Moon" by Suryanto
Animation Includes work by;
Erik Ande
Kristina Kerstner
Dean Harvey
Raphael Erba



 Chapter 4 "A Career" (6 Unique Animations)

Story/Animation by Erik Ande

Erik is a Swedish 3D artist with a passion for the Cinematic world. His 3D animations sucks the viewer directly into the drama.


Chapter 4 Indication of Red: Arouse -  (4/6)

by Kristina Kerstner (AKA The Mess)
When the world moves around, as a symphony of thunder,
Petals fall on the feet, as the ground trembles beneath,
Life is falling apart, in this crimson touch.
When the world and the beast find their beat,
It roams free in the red field`s domain..
Hand-Drawn Frame by Frame Animation (loop)



Chapter 4 - Alone (4/6)
by Sigmax

A moment of lone time
  We seek nothing in this moment
  Just a pure existence of oneself
  Just the air, the sand and you!




 Chapter 4 - Sunlit Whispers (4/6)

Beneath the sun-kissed sky, adorned with a few fluffy clouds, a young woman luxuriated on a yacht. Wrapped in the vibrant hues of her bikini, she relished a glass of whiskey, feeling the soothing warmth mingle with the gentle sea breeze.

Story/Animation by Ryxnole



Chapter 4 - The Ancient Cave (4/6)
by Dean Harvey

After traversing many seas alongside the pirates, our hero finds himself setting up camp outside an ancient cave that is said to hold the key to unlocking a true heroes latent potential.




Chapter 4 "Eclipse"  (4/6)

by Raphael Erba