Chapter 4 "Alien Logic" (6 Unique Animations)

Story/Animation by Erik Ande

Erik is a Swedish 3D artist with a passion for the Cinematic world. His 3D animations sucks the viewer directly into the drama.


Chapter 3 Indication of Red: Fusion -  (3/6)

by Kristina Kerstner (AKA The Mess)

From the depths, it rises, a crimson tide,
Destruction touch, that what you decide no place left to hide.
As the foundation crumbles, and the ground breaks.
Swallowing everything with its vibrant hand.
Breaking down the barriers, tearing through the stone
Hand-Drawn Frame by Frame Animation



Chapter 3 - Alone (3/6)
by Sigmax

Sailing across time
Looking for solitude
Far from worldly chaos
I seek nothing
But a moment to be one with this existence




Chapter 3 - Lunch Break (6 Unique Animated Scenes)

Story/Animation by Ryxnole


Chapter 3 - Setting Sail (3/6)
by Dean Harvey

In order for the sword of legend to be pulled from the trunk, it is said that the hero must first embark on a quest to discover where his heart truly lies. 



Chapter 3 "Contact"-  (3/6)

by Raphael Erba

Fly to the moon, the worlds collapse, the future is there, it holds out its hand to you