Chapter 2 Trading Places (6 Unique Animated Episodes)

Story/Animation by Erik Ande

Erik is a Swedish 3D artist with a passion for the Cinematic world. His 3D animations sucks the viewer directly into the drama.


 Chapter 2 - Indication of Red: Advance (2/6)

by Kristina Kerstner (AKA The Mess)
Watching as the world falls into the unknown.
The sky turns bright, the ground gives way,
In the distance, it stands,
Calling out to me, with open hands.
It draws near, whispering of hope, and casting out fear.
That field of red comes closer to me..



Chapter 2 - Alone (2/6)
by Sigmax

Sometime we take halt
To be with nature
To be with oneness of this beautiful existence




Chapter 2 - Serenity in Solitude (6 Unique Animated Scenes)

Walking in the park, she felt tranquil. Cool grass under her feet, gentle breeze through the trees. Chirping birds, rustling leaves - nature's music. She admired flowers and trees, feeling connected and at peace. Alone but content, she cherished the solitude. The park was her sanctuary to let go of worries and exist in the present moment.

Story/Animation by ItsRyxnole




Chapter 2 - The Sword of Legend (6 Unique Pixelated Animations)

by Dean Harvey

Deep in the forest beyond Grandpa’s cabin, there’s said to be a sword of legend that will only awaken to a warrior of pure heart. Only fate will decide who the mysterious warrior to wield it is.



Chapter 2 -Earth Rise (2/6)

by Raphael Erba

Between dream and reality
when the moon meets the Earth