Chapter 5 "Running With The Pack" (6 Unique Animations)

Story/Animation by Erik Ande

Erik is a Swedish 3D artist with a passion for the Cinematic world. His 3D animations sucks the viewer directly into the drama.


Chapter 5 Indication of Red: Dissolve -  (5/6)

by Kristina Kerstner (AKA The Mess)
As it reached you and found, it's all around,
In the sea of Crimson, you won't  find your ground,
Life becomes a blur, like a web of the past
As a whispering echo, carried by the waves,
In this High tide, you become a part...
Hand-Drawn Frame by Frame Animation (loop)



Chapter 5 - Alone (5/6)
by Sigmax

Some Moments Alone
Sitting and watching sorrows & joy of this world
For sometimes I am lost in this chase of time
For sometimes I seek nothingness




 Chapter 5 - Ride Home (5/6)

Her resolve and chose to chart her own course. With determination in her heart, she embarked on the path homeward, carrying the weight of her ambitions, confident that her unyielding perseverance would eventually lead her to the tranquil haven she sought.

Story/Animation by Ryxnole



 Chapter 5 - The Prophecy-  (5/6)
by Dean Harvey

For generations, many have traversed the lands and seas to make the journey to the Ancient Cave. Deep within lies a treasure that is said to awaken the true latent potential in a great warrior, imbuing unimaginable power. A prophecy older than time itself. Our hero has finally made it, now only fate will decide.  



Chapter 5 "Nightmare"  (5/6)

by Raphael Erba

"There are dark dreams from which there is no escape."