Chapter 3 of the "Paused" Series  (2/3)

Story/Animation by ThreePanelCrimes x Juan Richard Feliz

ThreePanelCrimes is a Los Angeles based artists known for Narrative Crypto Art. He tells stories in Three Panels, and each triptych tells a new crime story in short loops. 


Chapter 5 "Scan This"  (5/6)
We've Had Enough!

by Brett Prendergast

Brett is a 20-year old 3D Artist creating powerful, visceral, often trippy, animation work that immerses the audience into his world. 
"Sorting" is the second episode of a 6 part series.  


 Chapter 5 - Somerton Man (5/6)

Is love at the heart of everything we do. Can it lead to a death?

Based on a true story… as true as it can be.

Written by Lion Young & Tim Fry
Music by Josh Moult & Lion Young
Voice Artist - Jonathan Pollock


 Chapter 5 - The Life Of Naoki (6 Unique Animated Scenes)

Description: Every person in the wagon is hiding something. They are all suspicious, but the main character also carries a lot of secrets with him. Masks are just a tool to hide the face, but there are much more visible things that cannot be hidden under a mask.
 Attention to the details has always been his distinguishing feature. His personal interest. But...
 Not all secrets need to be revealed. Some should stay under the veil of obscurity.

Story/Animation by Subwway 

 Chapter 5 - Pepe Through Time (5/6)
by Camo B Art

Camo B Art  is an Artist, specializing in digital 3D Characters and environments. BA degree in film arts; screenwriting and 3D animation.

Note from Reggie: I really wanted a Pepe animator, and was thrilled when Camo agreed! He is likely the least known artist of The Sundays animtors, but I love his animations, am a proud collector of his work, and I think he's going to surprise & delight all of you! 


 Chapter 5 - Peak Productivity (5/6)

by Ryan Anderson

Ryan is a comedian/animator/filmmaker. His work often depicts nostalgic scenes in his unique style, but Ryan also explores the zanier side with his goober series, as well as horror and suspense.