The Sundays is a weekly mintable series of animations, dropped every Sunday! ☀️


Season One starts in April 16! New Animations drop weekly for 12 weeks.

Each Sunday Series also includes “cover art,” for the show.

Imagine a digital magazine cover that can be collected, traded, and coveted with gamified mechanics. 



sunday surprises to be revealed!

Let's get into the nitty gritty!


Patron NFT


Sundays and Chill

Your Season One Patron NFT includes:
- Airdropped- Limited Editions from all of our incredible cover artists (12 Different Limited Editions)
- Airdropped - each animation episode during the season. (~72 Animations)
- Access to raffles/additional pieces & a few surprises!

Founders NFT


Watch, Play, Collect.

Your Season One Founders NFT Includes:

- Mint For Free - Cover Art from all of our incredible cover artists (12 Cover’s - see note below).
- Mint each animation episode for a small additional fee (~72 animations total).
- Play! Collecting, minting, participating, & supporting Season One artists, rewards Founders w/additional raffles to win/buy.

❗️Founders Notes.

Cover Art: This is an edition from the artist, which will include the Episode number, Date and Artists Involved in the episode. Trade them if you will… Collect them all and be entered into additional raffles and games.

Animation episode: You can watch all of the episodes, minting and supporting your favorite artists is optional for additional fees, but only available to founder NFT holders (no public minting).

Why The Sundays?

The Sundays is about joy, good vibes, discovery, storytelling, sharing and collecting.

Do you remember waking up on Saturday morning and watching cartoons?

Remember the feeling when you would open The Sunday paper and read Calvin and Hobbes newest comic strip

Or waiting all week to receive your favorite magazine in the post?

This is what The Sundays is all about.

The Sundays hopes to become THE web3 storytelling platform. A platform built by and for creators, and owned by the creators and frens that help us grow the network. Welcome to The Sundays frens.


Reginald De Le Grarbs - Twitter


I believe that storytelling is mostly missing from the Blockchain, but not for long.

I believe that software and AI can be superpowers for storytellers.

I believe that a similar fate to that of the electronic music industry is going to happen to animation/storytelling. I believe that the future Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Spike Lee, etc. will tell stories through animation.

And if my theory is correct, there must be a platform to support these storytellers.

The Sundays brings you art, animation, and storytelling from worldclass artists that proliferate web3, right to your browser and wallets every Sunday!

The next Sunday is just around the corner!